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Screen printing is in fact a demanding market made up by high expectations, since the processes underwent by the materials are multiples and exactings. The workings, moreover, never end inside the silk screen company but always end at a later time. Then, the internal workability must be always combined with the ease of application for the final customer.

Screenprinting often means to use double-sided adhesives converted in sheets format (mainly 1000mm x 700mm or 910mm x 610mm, but not only). Until now the choice of adhesive tapes converted in sheets format (as written above) was limited to a few brands, as the weak point was the transformation from the adhesive roll to a sheets-format product suitable for the screen printing market, not only for the industrial one, where it is requested a much less demanding and complex adhesive product.
An even more extreme limit was the availability of the transfer adhesive tapes in sheets format. Transfers tapes have more qualities than defects: lower costs, greater conformability of the finished product, restrained thicknesses etc.
Why then so little choice in the market? The answer is in the great difficulty of converting the double-sided transfer tapes from the roll to the sheets format: this working is done by a few Companies in the world, hence the lack of choice.

The most important innovation that we introduce in this site is exactly the processing, the result of years of tests, initial disappointments, improvements, major investments in machineries: the result is a range of high quality double-sided transfer tapes in sheets format, suitable for the many screen printing workings (membrane switches, nameplates etc). All that performed internally by the Erga Tapes’ skilled workers: an example of technological conversion wholly “made in Italy” of a mere commodity (the simple transfer tape) in a sophisticated -and very cheap! - converted product and available for a complex and qualified use.
So far, if until today the range of double-coated transfer tapes in sheets format used in screen printing market was limited, from now on it expands to the point …. That has been created an embarrassment of choice!

Erga Tapes Ltd. is specialized in adhesive technologies and in addition to its own brand products, is Official Converter of Nitto Denko Corporation and Mactac.
This website is continually expanding and updating. However, the products that are presented here are by no means exhaustive of the available range, by its nature virtually endless. For further information of any nature (administrative, technical, etc..), please use immediately the references that you can find in the ‘contacts’ section.

ETACS is an acronym standings for Erga Tapes' Advanced Compound System. This is an exclusive technology developed by Erga Tapes for working composite adhesive materials.
Are the result of ETACS - for example - our double-sided adhesive sheets, including those arising from the transfers.
The ETACS products are often based on raw materials that are very different one from each other; the result is a product targeted for the demanding screen printing industry, with costs considered low even for the less demanding generic industry.
ETACS is a technology developed entirely by Erga Tapes Ltd.

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